During a recent video call for webmasters, Google employee John Mueller talked about how to improve the ranking of a site with typical content.

The question to Mueller was:

“I have a website. I lost traffic. This is a website for downloading ringtones, which contains more than 60 thousand options. On December 17, we lost our position, and when I search for my site using the site: command, I see only 7 pages.

I did not receive manual sanctions. Could this be an algorithmic sanction in connection with which Google deletes pages? What can I do to recover my traffic?”

Muller started his answer by saying that the site: command is not a reliable tool for checking the situation on a site. To find out how many pages have been indexed by Google, it’s best to use the Search Console and the indexing report.

He also advised to talk about this situation on the Google Webmaster Help forum, where you can get help and advice from other experts.

Regarding the loss of traffic, Mueller replied the following:

“Generally, I think that with a website that focuses on ringtones, it will be a little complicated because our algorithms really try to find unique, attractive, and high-quality content.”

In this case, Mueller advised the webmaster to try to find ways to distinguish the site from other resources in this segment. To make Google understand that its contents are somewhat different from the contents of millions of other ringtone sites.

Perhaps this can be done through the content itself or through the functionality offered by the site.

Only when the site will really be different from others, Google algorithms will be able to fully index and rank it.

“Probably, such changes will not be easy to implement, but this is the direction in which I would move. And I would give the same recommendation to any site that offers almost the same as many other resources.

You need to make sure that what you offer is unique, high-quality and attractive, so that our systems and users select your site and not another resource."

You can listen to Mueller’s answer in the video below: