There are three types of texts for promotion:
Important SEO-texts. This includes materials that are most counted: SEO articles for the main and other selling SEO texts, as well as texts with the most important keyword requests for the website.
This is your heaviest artillery. Leaders. The website can gather several hundred optimized articles, but there must always be some particularly strong materials that stand out from the general and common articles. What for? Let me explain this.
Of course, it is ideal for all articles to be of an excellent quality, but this is rarely done in practice. The fact is that writing a good SEO article is not a cheap pleasure. There are not so many people who could not optimize the text in a correct way, but at the same time they managed to make it interesting. It is clear that the pricelist for such articles is quite high.
As a rule, clients do the following: expensive SEO-texts are written according to the main key requests, while all secondary pages are given for ordinary copywriters.
Please note that the main key queries may not be always the most successful in terms of the number of people involved. So, for example, I have a punctuation checking service on my website, with a link used by 300 people daily.
Do I need this traffic? Since I don’t make a website for advertising clicks, I don’t really need these people. It’s not use, on the contrary, they often quickly close the page, thereby "dropping" the total time of viewing the website and the number of views counted by person.
For me, it is much better to have five people who clicked "order copywriting" than 300 "not my" users. More guests are not always better. It is better to have 50 guests and 4 minutes of viewing per person than 100 guests and 2 minutes of viewing.

Common SEO-texts. Advancement. Typically, if there are dozens or even hundreds of SEO-articles on the website, it is ordinary materials that make up most of the content. If the main texts are written of a high quality and are corrected 10 times, then the goal for ordinary texts is just to get into the TOP. Using just several keys? Perfect. How about only one? Not bad.
It is important to remember that often the writing of such SEO-texts is necessary simply to get your website updated. Since a site with regular updates has priority over search engines, usual SEO texts can be inserted into a permanent work plan. Sure they will have keys, but the materials are also written for the benefit of the resource. Thus, you get three in one feature: information for guests, website update and low-frequency or mid-range keys leading people.
There are not much importance about these articles: they are slow in getting traffic, but as a result, it brings quite good number of guests.

SEO-rewriting. Dinosaurs living out their last days. How is SEO-rewriting gets done? Take someone's article, and then give it to a cheap processing. The author changes words in sentences, inserts synonyms, very shamelessly shoves key requests into the material, i.e., rewrites the text without changing its meaning. It is important that, as a result, all these manipulations lead to a "unique" material.
Why did I put the word "unique" into brackets? Because technical uniqueness is the sheer heresy that lives only on stock exchanges of content. I will not touch all the details, since I have got a separate article about this.
I will only say that the search engines, whose billions of profits directly depend on the quality of content search (you will not look for it, will not use it), have already learned how to find rewriting and send take it out of TOP places. Rewriting is the enemy of the search engines, it clogs the search with identical texts and, as a result, all this comes out into a conflict.
The one who fills his/her websites with SEO-rewrites, always walks on the edge. Even if they don’t succeed today, they will make it out the next day. They can also be punished by taking the place in the search results out from them. The semantic uniqueness that is possible only with copywriting, that's what people and search engines need.
Not all optimizers like good texts, many still buy cheap re-share on exchanges and publish them on some serious websites. Why does it happen?
First of all, the texts were a feeder for some optimizers for a long time. I know quite a few examples when articles were ordered at a cheap price, but the customer was already told the amount 10 higher. A nice split, better that trading weapons and drugs!
It is clear that people simply do not want to lose such easy money. You will not make much money by hiring good copywriters as they know their price, but you can easily make it by hiring SEO rewriters.
On the other hand, the copywriters were the pariahs on the Internet for a longs time, his laborers let us say so. They were treated as human-units, which can easily be driven out, and tomorrow another batch of copywriters would be at your service. Customers are used to such stuff like this.
Everything has changed today: the texts have become the main weapon of advancement. A good copywriter is not so easy to find, and you need to treat it differently. Naturally, such changes fit into consciousness only with some time passed. Of course, the formula "owner-footman" still works at the stock exchanges, but the stock exchange is not the same as copywriting; it’s not even close to this.