A market for texts is not a temporary phenomenon and not customers’ whim At the very beginning of a career it is especially hard to believe that people are willing to pay for what you are simply writing something for them, especially if you do not have any special education. But again, the text content is an important and demanded type of product that will always exist as long as the Internet exists.

Exchange houses is an entrance for copywriting
You can work for stock exchanges for a while, but it’s kind of silly to stay there all the time. Skilled enough in your profession? Got a little experience? Go further and get into a real copywriting that has a different pricelist.

Customers are not your good doers
In most cases clients receive incommensurably greater profits from texts than the copywriters. Even one expensive text covers all customer’s expenses. The rest is purely clean profit. The same goes with cheap texts about: resellers do 100% and get 1000% on the texts resale. That’s how simple it is.

You do not have to work for little money
The fact that the there are lots of people on the Internet who are ready to sit for 16 hours a day writing a text and get a salary that street cleaner makes (or even less) shouldn’t touch your personality. You shouldn’t follow such people. Mental labor should be paid high, always remember this. You can’t bring the prices up so far? Just put your efforts and work on improving this; the stock exchange houses are just the first stage to success. I already mentioned that before.

You need to afford something for yourself as well
If this is not your first year of freelancing, and you still can’t afford a cheap holiday in Turkey or buy some good clothes, you should certainly analyze your position in copywriting. That’s not okay, when an experienced person working mentally can’t afford some good stuff.

Having a philologist or journalist diploma is not a big plus
You can be a doctor or an engineer, and at the same time write cool texts that will be appreciated by many people. The diploma gives you nothing; all you need is your brain.

Your ability to work at home shouldn’t affect the price you take for texts
The self-deception like "So what, even if I get little money, but I work at home and can control my own time" should not become your point of view. Your comfortable working conditions are not part of justifying low prices. Comfort is comfort, but prices should be still relevant.
Do not allow a relationship between you and your customer to be like "boss-slave"
You are partners, and nothing else. Feel free to refrain from working with those who try to pose as a master. Respect yourself and your skills.

Do not consider copywriting as a temporary phenomenon
If you work using this principle, you will live your whole life in a little place with minimal comfort. Joined copywriting? Then just a solid foundation, raise the brick walls and make major repairs. When you are serious about what you are doing it is felt by everyone. This way you start enjoying your work.

If you spent a year without growth you lost this year
If you keep the same level, that’s no good. Copywriting is a hill, if you don’t crawl forwards means you are driving the opposite way. Do not care what others say and what prices they set. You came to win, so give it a strike and win!