Business area

Build business contacts

We will find suppliers, make purchases of any volumes, take control over the quality of goods


We will deliver any goods, choose the most optimal transportation scheme, provide customs support, and track your delivery at each and every stage.


We will help to organize the production, accompany the transaction at all stages. We will provide legal, financial, and translation services.



We are pleased to offer you a full range of services for the import of goods from China and Southeast Asia:

Search for a reliable supplier/manufacturer or take from our extensive database of proven partners.

Entry into an agreement on the most favorable conditions.

Placing an order and monitoring at each stage: production, shipment and delivery of goods to the customer.

Full range of procurement services, including procurement management.

Full range of services for placing an order for production, including quality control and inspection before shipment. Selection of an OEM manufacturer for the manufacture of goods under your brand.

Your orders will be carefully monitored. We will carry out sample checks, quality control of the products received; the goods will pass all necessary inspections before and at the time of shipment.

Customs support and cargo clearance.

We also can offer turnkey solutions to optimize your expenses.

We’ve got ready-made solutions in many spheres.



Door to door delivery

We will choose the optimal delivery scheme, prepare all the documents, and deliver according to the transportation conditions of your cargo

Container transporting

By sea and land, from 30 days. Good for large deliveries and big-sized goods.

Package cargo

Only from 25 days, the cheapest type of delivery. We will pick up the goods from your supplier, and you will receive it cleared at your warehouse.

Air delivery

From 7 to 14 days. Fast, convenient, suitable for small and perishable goods.



We will help you to get a complete set of documents for procurement (7-14 days)

We select the best option for calculation with suppliers.

We will provide a full range of legal services.

We will help you open a company in Hong Kong, issue all documents, and register a trademark.

Our staff of experienced translators are at your service. We will translate any documents, accompany you at exhibitions, wholesale markets, factories, and negotiations of any complexity.

Exhibition overview. Our rep will visit the exhibition you are interested in, select catalogs, samples, business cards upon your request. We will send you all the collected information by mail within the shortest possible time.





Large supplier base

We will select only reliable and proven suppliers and manufacturers.

Full legal and consulting support

All our vast experience and all resources are aimed to protect your interests.

Excellent team of professionals

Our specialists and their extensive knowledge will help you to achieve your goals.

Reasonable prices

Extensive experience allows us to offer truly effective solutions at the most pleasant prices.


We comply with all the deadlines, because we know that the effectiveness of your business directly depends on our punctuality.

Individual approach

We value each of our clients. We will find individual solutions according to your goals and business characteristics.


О нас

We specialize in providing high-quality comprehensive services for the search for suppliers and manufacturers, as well as consulting, legal and logistical support of transactions in SEA and China. We provide full-range support to companies interested in developing partnerships in this region, providing our clients with all our extensive experience, an impressive base of proven suppliers and established contacts.

Our head office is located in Guangzhou, a major city in southern China, a well-known trading and manufacturing center. This gives us the opportunity to directly control the production of goods ordered by you, to monitor the quality and deadlines of orders. Contact us as we are open to new proposals, and interested in fruitful and long-term cooperation.

Your reliable partner for any questions in China and Southeast Asia


Submit an application and we will contact you within the shortest possible time.

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